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Easy Steps for Getting Paid Online

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Launching your own business on the internet is an exciting venture; but it also takes a lot of planning. There are many steps you must take to get your business up and running, from coming up with a unique name for your company to creating an attractive, user-friendly website. You also need to find a way to accept payments over the web. Customers are searching for a fast and easy way to pay for your products online, and this means have the option to pay via credit card and debit card.

Ideally, you want to provide your customers with a fast and convenient way to pay for your products and/or services on the web. But how do you start accepting payments online? Will it cost you a lot of money to accept credit cards? What if your client wants to pay via check? And, how do you open a merchant account? Instead of getting overwhelmed, follow a few easy steps for getting paid online.

Get a business account. Before you can accept checks, credit cards, or cash from your customers you will need to go to the bank and open a business account. This is especially important if you’ve opened a business under a name other than your own name. With a new business account, you can easily cash checks made out to your business.

Open a merchant account. This step requires a lot of research. You don’t want to be stuck with the wrong merchant account provider. Without taking your time to find the right merchant account provider, you will end up with a provider that is expensive and/or does not offer the right type of services you need for your business.

Before you open a merchant account, ask about the company’s fee structure. You want to find a company with low rates. You also want to find a company that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for processing applications. Ideally, you want a merchant account provider that offers free setup, free application processing, and a pay-as-you-go contract. Finding a company with these qualifications will ensure you receive quality services without paying too much.

Setup an online payment system. Accepting payments online requires an online payment system, such as PayPal. You can use PayPal, or ask your merchant account provider if they already have a system you can utilize. The right merchant account provider will have a web-based, credit card processing terminal. You can use the web-based system to accept every major credit card, from Visa to American Express.


This guest article was provided by Payment Solutions, Inc., a merchant account provider that offers credit card processing services. Visit the website to learn more about internet merchant accounts or to open a merchant account today.

The Advantages of Having an Internet Merchant Account

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Today, there are many benefits to having an internet merchant account, particularly for online businesses.  Internet merchant accounts have provided success for many, many businesses and it can also do that for yours.  Online merchant accounts allow for great security and true efficiency because the payment gateway is online.

Merchant accounts that are conducted online allow for a variety of payment options for your customers.  Online merchant accounts can typically be set up to accept all the major credit cards and that translates into more customers for you!  With this option, it’s also possible to set up a way to charge customer’s accounts online through sites such as PayPal.  Payment by credit card is the preferred method of payment for the majority of customers.  With the variety of ways to accept payments, you will be able to grow your clientele base exponentially in ways that you couldn’t do otherwise.

One of the great advantages of using credit card services over the internet is the security.  Many internet merchant account providers can offer online security.  Using an online shopping cart is an extremely safe and easy way to pay.  Unlike in-person sales or transactions done over the phone, online shopping carts don’t run the risk of leaking your customers’ personal information.  The payment information is not saved over the internet.  Customers will be more likely to support your business when they feel secure with paying over the web.

The other great thing about having an online merchant account provider is that you will easily be able to oversee all the little details of your business.  This is a great way to monitor the finances of your business and it can also be extremely helpful during tax season.  Online merchant account providers can essentially help you eliminate any incongruence in your bank statements.

It is extremely easy to set up your business with merchant status by using an online merchant account provider.  Many of these services are free or reasonably priced and they tend to approve a variety of businesses.  Most of these providers don’t worry too much about whether your business is labeled as high risk or low risk, and they also don’t tend to place too much importance on your credit score.  So, this is a great option for businesses that are having trouble achieving merchant status due to being labeled “high risk” or for those who might not have the best credit score.


Guest post is provided by Payment Solutions, Inc.  This amazing company can help your business develop an ecommerce merchant account which will help your business soar!  Go to their website for more information.

Alternative Merchant Providers

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When starting a small business you may find it difficult to open a merchant account with an established merchant service provider. One reason may be that you do not want to incur any high expenses at the early stages or could be that your application to open a merchant account has been rejected due to the lack of credit history.  But this does not mean that you have to give up on processing credit card transactions without which your business will be at a major disadvantage?

With the several third party processing services that assist you by providing you with alternative merchant account services like the ones provided by Solid trust Pay enable you to accept online credit card payments.

The reason why these third party processing services are a popular choice with new businesses is that they do not have all the payments that are associated with a traditional merchant account such as monthly fees, minimum charges and other such payments. These accounts will require a set-up fee and you will be charged a fee per transaction. But this will be more expensive than having a merchant account with Solidtrustpay in the long run when the sales volume increases. You can click on to and follow the links to find out the types of account s and the fees charged by the reputed merchant service provider.

Some of the popular third party service providers are PayPal which is widely used as a payment method on eBay, Netbanx and World Pay.

How do these alternative merchant providers operate?

These businesses operate merchant accounts with a merchant service provider like Solid Trust Pay and will assume the role of the merchant. The merchant will have a link created to his website through the third party processor’s programs and when a customer makes a purchase the processor will accept credit card transactions on your behalf and notify the seller of the sale in order to deliver the goods. The merchant will collect his funds from the processor at pre-determined intervals after deducting the fees due to the processor.

The reason these services are more costly than a merchant account is because you are paying merchant account fees as well as a fee for the third party processor. The best option for a new business is to use their services until the business is established and then open a merchant account with Solidtrustpay who provide the best rates for merchant accounts. When the time is right visit www.solidtrustpay  and gets your credit processing facility from them.

Having your application for a merchant account rejected does not mean you will be without credit processing facilities, alternative merchant providers will provide the facilities until you can open a merchant account with Solid Trust Pay.

How To Accept Money Online For Your Business In 3rd World Countries

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Businesses are growing online in the global economy.  This is due to the fact that now that businesses are up and running online all around the world, you can pretty much do business from anywhere.  With this in mind, there is also the likelihood that you are going to be reeling in consumers from just about any corner of the globe.  Accepting money for your business in 3rd world countries is becoming more and more important.


One of the more popular methods to accept money for your business in 3rd world countries is with the help of what is known as third-party processors.  When you have a third-party processor you are basically working with a third-party that is going to process a payment for you over the Internet.  This will transfer the money from the 3rd world country into your business account.  There are many of these types of processors out there, but some of the more popular are going to keep costs at a minimal.  Once you have your business setup with one of these providers you can be ready in no time. is known to be one of the more respected third-party processors.  You can accept payments in 3rd world countries thanks to Solid trust pay and the services they provide.  Solidtrustpay can set your business up for success in the short and long run so that you can accept payments from anywhere around the world, even 3rd world countries.

How to Setup Online Credit Card Processing For Your Website

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If you have an online business where cash payments are not an option and most customers not willing to divulge their personal bank account information online, it is essential to be able to accept credit card payments in order to stay ahead of the competition. Here is how you can get started on setting up an online credit card processing facility for your business.
Set up a merchant account

The choice of merchant service provider you choose will depend on the type of business you do and the number of transactions it involves. If you are a small online business the best option would be a merchant bank like solidtrustpay which allows you to set up the account for free and not charge the high fees involved with the big merchant banks. Visit to find out more about the rates.

Once you have opened a merchant account you can start accepting credit and debit cards from your customers and they do not have to have a Solid Trust Pay account to make a card payment.

A merchant account operated by a merchant bank service provider makes available the facility to accept credit and debit card payments. The merchant account will act as the link between your business and the financial institution that issued the credit or debit card used to make the payments.
The credit card issuing institution will transfer money due from the customer to the merchant service provider like solidtrustpay that will in turn make necessary deductions for the charges and transfer the money to the merchant account of the relevant merchant.

Payment gateway

In order to do online transactions you require to have a payment gateway which are also known as payment service providers (PSP). It is the infrastructure used to accept credit cards and is a service usually provided by a third party to automate the payment between the customer and the merchant. The payment gateway which is a computer program will verify data from the card and transmit it to the merchant bank like Solid Trust Pay that will send the details to the credit card company who will accept or reject credit card transaction and if authorized make the payment.
When selecting a payment gateway make sure it provides secure internet connections or a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certified to ensure that the details of the transaction are encrypted and secure.

If you are looking to start an online business go to to sign up for merchant account services.

Total Merchant Services

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credit cards processing

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