What You Should Consider before Hiring a Real Estate Agent

What-You-Should-Consider-before-Hiring-a-Real-Estate-AgentAllston Brighton native Oscar Mendoza wanted more for his family. Formerly from El Salvador, Oscar moved to Allston Brighton and scrapped by from the few employment options that he had. He knew that with his limited English speaking skills, there would be a lack of jobs out there that would pay enough for him and his family to live comfortably. So he enrolled in ESL classes and pursued a degree in Electronic Engineering. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Oscar found his dream job and worked his way up the ranks to become a supervisor.

He knew what was next and that was to purchase a home. He found that during the home buying process, the real estate agents that he spoke to were trying to steer his decision away from where he wanted his home to be. Many times Oscar noticed that they wanted to earn their commission and didn’t take his interests in consideration. Eventually he found the right specialist that created a new strategy for him and found a real estate agent that was a perfect fit. He was then able to open up a mortgage, and close out a deal on his new home. For potential homebuyers like Oscar, it’s important to find the right real estate agent. Here are some tips that will help you out.

Don’t base a real estate agent’s potential purely off of their track record. They may be successful by the amount of money made in a certain area but when it comes down to your neighborhood that you are interested in, they may not be a good fit.

On a realtor’s website, look for positive testimonials that validate their experience. If buyers like you hired this person and came away with a good deal, then it’s definitely a confidence booster.

Attending a real estate club can help you narrow down your candidates. Members can offer impactful recommendations to realtors that they trust the most.

If you’re curious about a house and see a sign out on the front yard, you might be tempted to call the number. That number is the listing agent and they are likely looking out for their own interests. Seek out a realtor instead.

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