Take these five steps before choosing a limousine service in Los Angeles

It is a good place to start. Many states and some local jurisdictions require license to operate a limousine service as well as drivers should carry appropriate class license. You can go online and check the State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMA) Web site for compliance with license requirements. This is a good time to check into insurance they carry. Their insurance should cover not only the vehicle you intend to hire, but also the driver and passengers. Visit www.limoslosangeles.com to see how they select their drivers.

Step 2: Go online and check reviews by previous users
Online reviews of previous users of the limousine service including limousine service in Los Angeles are important. One problem with these reviews is it is hard to tell whether they are authentic or not. Look for some clues to see whether they are real or not. If you know any friends who may have chosen the services of the company, check with them too. The Better Business Bureau is another source you can check. The Los Angeles limo services provide links to Google and Yelp reviews.

Step 3: Screen the fleet, determine that they have what you are looking for and ask about driver screening
Many limousine service providers such as the Los Angeles limousine services post their entire fleet online. You can see interior as well as the exterior of the vehicles. Some even go one step further and provide appropriate data of the vehicle on the Web site too. Ask them how they screen their drivers.

Step 4: Check the cost of the service, additional fees and any other cost
Most limousine service companies including the Los Angeles limo services provide their charges and fees on their Web site. This allows you to compare prices of similar services in the area. Look for any hidden fees. You can contact the service by phone to confirm your understanding of their charges.
Step 5: Understand the terms and the contract before signing

Before you give out your credit card information or enter into a contract for services, read them carefully. Most companies including the Los Angeles limousine services provide additional help if you want to understand the contract for services. Contract should include fees, terms, gratuities, mileage charges, fuel cost, cleaning service cost, cancellation provisions and other important areas.
Go online and check out www.limoslosangeles.com for their fleet and services.