Small Biz Tips: Launching a Website Customers Will Use

Article: by Web Design Express

If you’re trying to start a business, whether you’re planning to run operations out of a store or not, it’s important to create a website that is more for the customer than just an afterthought. Your storefront should have the customer’s intent in mind if you want to best serve your clientele. At the worst, you’ll invest in a site that will break even. At most, you’ll find a new channel for sales, and a faster way to service your customers.

Consider the End Goal

What is the ultimate goal of your site? Do you sell items the customer will need to pick up in store, or are you able to ship with relatively low risk? What about costs? The ultimate goal is what you want the customer to do after he or she hands you money. Internet orders can’t offer instant fulfillment, but they can offer speedy shipping options. Maybe you can use credit card processors online for in-store pickup, so customers can avoid lines and still get their item quickly and without shipping costs.. Whatever the end goal, that should be the focus of your website.

Payment Processing

Merchant services shouldn’t be an afterthought, especially if you sell internationally. International currencies vary, so you need to be sure the processor or wallet you’re dealing with is able to offer flexible and competitive options and rates.

Final Thoughts

Your website should be above all functional. Pay close attention to the site’s UI, so you can see how accessible the best selling items in your inventory are to new customers. Also pay attention to small details, such as how quickly your payment gateway transfers money, as these contribute to whether a customer purchases from you.

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