Show Off Your Creative Side

As the age old question goes, “If a tree falls in the forest would it make a sound?” This is meant to set up the idea that if no one is around can you really tell if something happened? Now apply that concept to all your creative work or special mementoes: If you don’t take the chance to proudly display them how can you ever share them with friends and family? One of the best options for this kind of display would be shadow boxes or flag cases.

If you’ve never worked with shadow boxes before you should know that it follows along the same lines as a photo or picture frame in the sense that this is something that can be hung on a wall. The big difference is that with shadow boxes is that they allow you to encase more bulky items than you would with a traditional frame. As the name implies, shadow boxes are actually boxes that allow you to build a sort of diorama for your objects. Flag cases, on the other hand, are designed to specifically hold a flag that has been ceremonial folded in a particular way. Typically flag cases would be a triangle shape that can show off the stars of an American flag used in a memorial service of some kind.

The type of shadow box you can use depends entirely on what you’ll be saving inside. They come in a wide array of frame sizes and finishes. You can even have them custom designed to fit your exact specifications. If you want to use you own special finish the shadow boxes can come untreated.

The best approach for picking the perfect shadow box would be to select which type of objects you want to put on display. Not only would these creations be a perfect addition to your own home but that also make a delightful gift for someone special. You could create a baby shadow box for a newborn infant that includes the birth announcement, early photos and other trinkets the baby first used. For married couples a wedding shadow box can include the invitation, commemorative wine glass, the cake topper and program. A shadow box for a new graduate can house a program from the ceremony, photo and even tassel and cap.

Next you’ll want to pick the type of covering you’ll use on the back of the box. This should would in conjunction with the objects. You can use simple backings like felt or velvet or wrap the back in decorative paper. Keep in mind that you should avoid gluing objects to the back of the back and instead find a way to use pushpins for placement. If you want to glue the objects make sure to use a clear adhesive.

Finally, you should find a way to create some depth and dimension for your shadow boxes. This will mean placing items at different layers within the box itself. You can even use pieces of foam as a support to give height to certain items. With flag cases you are limited in how created you can be but that shouldn’t deter you from using them as poignant displays.

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