Protecting Packages with Foam Inserts

Foam-InsertsWritten by The Foam Factory

Whether you are considering moving out, shipping belongings or traveling, you would certainly be needing a reliable way to protect your packages from shock. Using foam inserts could be a solution when it comes to cushioning miscellaneous goods such as china, glassware, cameras, musical instruments and electronics.

You would usually be able to order foam inserts online for boxes in order to add a protective layer for your belongings. Foam protections are ideal for the shipping and packaging of particularly fragile, perishable and breakable items. Some foam packaging can adapt to your packaging needs so that they are able to fit them without giving them any space to move.

For certain electronic products such as computer chips, resistors and circuit boards, the use of anti-static foam inserts is recommended. These foam inserts have the particularity of having open cells. They prevent static energy from damaging the products. If you are seeking stability and want to protect packages against movement, you might opt for convoluted foam inserts. These inserts look like eggs crates and provide adequate cushioning to products. They are also resistant to impacts and thus limit the risk of the products being broken. Lightweight foam for packages are usually preferred as they do not elevate freight and shipping charges. An extra layer of foam pads can also be added to protect from vibrations and shock during transit or when the goods are in storage.

The Foam Factory specializes in foam products for different uses, including foam inserts for packaging. Some of their other product offerings include cushion filling for foam replacement projects.