Outsourcing fulfillment services

Written by USA2Me.com

If you have an online store, a decisive factor in determining whether to outsource your fulfillment services would be cost comparison. If you own a startup or are selling in low volumes, you might notice that the fixed cost of taking the service of common carriers and software fees are quite high. Moreover, cost of warehouse and equipment used to process packages would be quite considerable compared to outsourcing the service. However, before choosing to outsource fulfillment services, companies might consider going through reviews to determine a reliable service provider.

The advantages of outsourcing your fulfillment services are that those companies are able to absorb seasonal peaks in shipping and package forwarding and returns as they have the adequate space. Moreover, fulfillment companies with their partnerships with major carriers, are able to secure discounts which they could pass on to you. These companies are able to offer lower prices for their services as compared to if you had to provide them in-house as they convert fixed costs such as rent and salary into variable cost that you pay per order. Outsourcing fulfillment services would also allow you to focus on your main line of business without worrying the tasks surrounding fulfillment.

There are several situation where outsourcing fulfillment services are inevitable such as in the case of foreign exporters and the company being too small to have a warehouse.

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