Negativity and Positivity: Which One are You Spreading?

Negativity in the workplace spreads like an infestation. It could be a certain employee or manager who talks down to people, or something as simple as unspoken grief. We all create a certain amount of drama and challenges, but how we face them helps us spread negativity or positivity to the people around us.

Consciousness of your own personal aura is an important defining quality in excellent managers.

Show gratitude

Are you showing gratitude for the work those around you are doing to improve the business? A bit of thankfulness in our approach transforms happiness, and ultimately the workplace. Once people feel appreciated, they begin to feel important or integral to the organization. That self investment grows businesses and keeps customers happy. It’s about ownership, and it begins with a simple “thank you”.

Use positive messaging

Words can be powerful totems in the workplace. They hang over everyone, and they help motivate or stress us as we approach our tasks for the day. As a leader, what are your words communicating? Are you offering a constructive and positive message, or is your messaging critical? Another way to ask this question: do people seem open to hearing what you have to say?

Javier Loya CEO of OTC Global Holdings says that “Positive messaging leaves an impact on those around us. It helps them feel validated and encourages a passionate discussion of equals.”

Appreciate the little wins

“Every major milestone requires a series of steps to get there,” says Javier Loya.  It’s easy to overlook the smaller steps that align to make those bigger goals, but celebrating those milestones is an easy way to spread positivity. Plus, it gives some of the employees most responsible for those accomplishments a sense that they belong.