Native Advertising: A New Trend With Online Marketing – By Ted Dhanik

One of the chief problems that an advertising campaign can run into is the disapproval of potential customers. If they feel that the marketing is too intrusive or distracting from the purpose of their online experience, it has the potential to drive away new customers rather than attract them. The immersion of a website or the aesthetic of the online content can be diluted by an ad that appears to be out of place within the context of its surroundings. While the ad may have things in common with the content of specific sites, it can still appear as the proverbial screaming child interrupting a beautiful symphony.

Modern anthropologists seek to immerse themselves in whatever culture they happen to be studying or observing. The intrusion of a stranger into familiar sights and sounds can be disruptive to a culture that is unfamiliar with a foreign experience. And by attempting to mimic or immerse themselves in the cultural influence, anthropologists can create strong bonds and connections with the observed culture or people. This effort can also be summed up in the phrase “going native”.

For an advertisement to become more effective or attractive to the potential customer, it can go native as well. By becoming a part of the online experience rather than diluting it, an ad can be seen as a natural extension of the content that is being viewed by an individual. As important as matching an ad to the content of a website is, it turns out that matching the sights and sounds may be just as significant. Be aware that consumers wish their lives to be enhanced and improved by the products and services they seek rather than the opposite.

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