Mirrors Add New Life to Any Space

There is a simple trick that many businesses have discovered when it comes to decorating their establishments. That would be with hanging up mirrors at strategic points along the walls. Not only could these contemporary mirrors reflect light but it also makes the room they have been hung up in appear larger. You can apply this same decorator’s trick in your own home by hanging up round wall mirrors throughout the rooms in your house. These mirrors don’t have to be confined to an entry hall or bedroom but instead would make a wonderful addition to nearly any room in your house.

This concept of using contemporary mirrors to make a space seem bigger is especially a great tip for folks who are living in smaller apartments or condos. The reflection off of these mirrors can also help brighten up the day. With the proper placement of round wall mirrors you can create the effect of having windows where there aren’t any by playing off these reflections. You could even consider enhancing this look by putting the mirrors within frames or having curtains hanging over them. By doing this you could definitely have your guests looking twice at a wall where they thought no window was!

Another use for round wall mirrors or contemporary mirrors would be to create a wall of various shapes and sizes. Instead of just one big mirror, try breaking up the wall space by having several smaller round wall mirrors grouped together. You can create an eclectic look especially if the rest of the room’s decorations offer up brilliant reflections. The same holds true for mirrors that are floor to ceiling or wall to wall. In some cases that might be just too much mirror for one room. It might be better to go with a variety of mirrors for more distinct look.

When it comes to placing contemporary mirrors you don’t always have to consider the wall as the only place for them. Round wall mirrors also work as a delightful centerpiece for an elegant dining room setting. They can also be used to cover up a scuffed up coffee-table. When you place a lamp or candle on top of the mirror broaden the range of reflected light that can cast a warm glow throughout the room.
With the right size of contemporary mirrors you could even place them at the back of bookshelves or other types of display cases that will hope to bring new life and dimension to your collection of mementos.

The one thing to keep in mind when hanging either round wall mirrors or contemporary mirrors is that you want to make sure you have the proper hooks securely fastened into the wall. Mirrors are often heavier than your average poster or picture and therefore need the appropriate mounting. When hanging your mirrors on the wall make sure you place the hook in a stud as opposed to just the drywall. You don’t know where the studs are in the wall can get a very handy electronics that the finder which acts as a kind of x-ray for wood. Just make sure you don’t break the mirrors because we all know what happens then!

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