Important Details about AMSEC Safes

U33-1AMSEC is one of the leading names when it comes to safes. AMSEC safes are popular and are some of the most trusted safes in different parts of the world. Some sellers even consider them as their fastest moving safe brands. If you are considering an AMSEC branded safe, there are things you may want to know first to come up with the best possible decision.

  • Make sure that you get it from a reputable seller. Safes from AMSEC are sold in different markets through various resellers or distributors. Regardless of where you intend to get a unit, you have to make sure that you are buying one from a reputable seller. Imitations exist everywhere. Other companies may also be selling defective units. If you are aiming for an AMSEC safe, better get the real deal to get the right quality and dependability that comes with the brand name.
  • If you buy a pre-owned item, ask if the warranty from the original purchase can still be carried over look these up. Some used safes may still have warranties with them. Be sure to ask the seller about it. Also, don’t forget to get the document that will be used in claiming for warranties. Warranties typically don’t get associated with just one name and are not limited by “non-transferrable” terms so make good use of these warranties. They can help you get free repairs especially when it comes to issues encountered with the locks.
  • Choose the right AMSEC branded safe for your need by knowing first what you really need. A multitude of options are available. Various sizes and designs are offered by sellers. You are unlikely going to run out of choices. That’s why you have to carefully examine what your needs are. Are you getting a safe for your office documents or storage media or do you intend to get one that can be used as a temporary space for your cash? If you need something for your important documents, you may want to choose something fireproof and waterproof.
  • Fire rated safes are not necessarily torch resistant. Just like other safe brands, the fireproof rated units from AMSEC are not necessarily torch resistant (TR) although many torch resistant safes from the company are fireproof. There’s a difference between fireproofing and torch resistance. Being fireproof means that the safe is able to maintain the temperature within it at a level that prevents the external temperature (during a fire) from adversely affecting the contents of the safe. Torch resistance is the ability to withstand the melting or damage induced by a blowtorch or an oxy-fuel welding and cutting torch.
  • Tool and torch resistance are guaranteed up to a certain amount of time only. Again, just like in the case of most other safe brands, there is a limit as to the tool and torch resistance of a safe. This is indicated in the number following the TL or TR classification of a safe. a TL30 safe is guaranteed to be tool resistant for up to 30 minutes. A TLTR60 safe on the other hand is tool and torch resistant for up to an hour.

AMSEC is a reliable brand but you still have to carefully examine the AMSEC-branded safes you may want to buy. Some might be imitations or defective. Always get your safe from a reputable dealer and do physical inspections. Also, do some comparisons, even just through the Internet, so you can find a unit that can provide the best value for your money.