How to use foam inserts to ship important objects

Written by The Foam Factory

foam insertWhether you are moving out of your house, travelling or just shipping belongings to someone, you would be requiring a reliable form of protection against damages and shock. Custom foam inserts are commonly used in such cases to provide an adequate cushioning of various goods such as china, glassware, electronics, instruments and cameras.

These foam inserts can easily be ordered in bulk depending on the layer of protection desired and the fragility of the good being shipped. They are effective in protecting particularly vulnerable items such as perishables. Some foam packaging can even be made in order to provide a proper molding of the products you are shipping without the risk of them being damaged by motion.

When shipping electronic products such as computer parts, circuits or resistors, anti-static foam would also need to be used. These open-cell foams protect these electronic parts from static energy which can have adverse effects on the wirings. If you are seeking stability, you might instead opt for convoluted foams. Their curves allow for an adequate protection against any risk of breakage and impact.

Carlo Badalamenti is a professional with extensive experience in foam products. Generally, opting for a lightweight foam when shipping packages is recommended as these help to minimise shipping costs. Extra layers can also be added to protect from shocks during compaction, handling and storage.

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