How to Dress for Success in Property Sales

Real estate professionals must dress for success every day because it’s often impossible to know what a work day will entail. It’s important for the sales agent to dress comfortably and professionally. Dressing in an uncomfortable suit or shoes for the day won’t help the sales agent to shine: he or she will be thinking about shoes that don’t fit or the suit that’s too tight!

Power Dressing?

Unlike some professions, the realty professional should cultivate a relaxed but pulled-together or coordinated appearance. Wearing a three-piece suit won’t put buyers or sellers at ease. Because the agent is likely to have many friends and acquaintances in the local market, it’s best to dress in the same relative manner at work or play. Nicely tailored casual clothing that doesn’t require dry cleaning is a good choice for this career.

It also helps to have professional headshots taken by an outside photography studio.

Too Casual?

Similarly, the sales agent who wears torn jeans or shows back tattoos at work is likely to turn off potential customers. Men and women should avoid open-toed shoes, such as flip-flops, and buy constructed and polished slip-ons.


The professional sales agent is ready to meet a prospective client or referral at any time. Since it’s impossible to predict when these interactions will occur throughout the course of the work day or weekend, the realty agent is dressed for interpersonal success every day.