How to Become the Most Popular Person in Your Office

Becoming the most liked person in a permanent or temporary office space is a goal that many people may strive for. It gives better chances for promotions and a better environment to work in. But there is really no way to become the most popular person in the office. To known when you’ve reached such a goal can only be measured by completely subjective ideas. Think of likeability on a continuum. From a virtual office in Newport Beach, to a cubical farm in Dallas, you’ll be interacting with people every day. Here are some tips for positive working relationships.


You would be surprised at how much this can affect your relationships with your coworkers. Many people simply walk to their office or cubicle without acknowledging those around them. People crave to be noticed and appreciated for what they do. Smiling is one way you can connect yourself with those around you with minimal interaction. You may not be ready to engage in long, cumbersome conversations about vacations and doctors visits, but it is certainly agreeable that a smile requires minimal effort for maximum effect.

Explore Assumptions

Communication is the key in any social situation. Many conflicts arise because of half-truths surrounding a statement or comment. A co-worker’s impatience and shortness may have nothing to do with you. While it is perfectly acceptable to consider if you have had any negative influence on your office mates, dwelling on disturbing situations provides no benefit to anyone. Ask office mates in a non-confrontational way if your behavior was offensive. Listen without response until they have finished. You may be surprised to find that your co-worker has no recollection of anything you bring up and all of your worry has been in vain.

Leave the Gossip to the Hens

Never get involved in office gossip. Only involve yourself in positive and productive conversations if you can. You may say something that will come back to haunt you. People love to be inspired by strong and seemingly impenetrable personalities. Don’t be tempted into spreading slander, because it may or may not be true. Work hard, and care about those around you. These are the best principles to bring into a social office atmosphere.

Turn the Other Cheek

Respecting superiors and managers is incredibly important, even if they do not show the same respect to you. Often times, management is swamped with duties and obligations. Positive personal interaction can be low on the list, and many times, their staff is viewed more as an asset than a group of people. Show kindness to your superiors by giving them grace where they don’t deserve it. Sometimes, positive behavior in negative circumstances earns respect where it previously didn’t exist. Some managers may be so bold as to apologize.


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