Green Mower Tips: The Benefits of Sharp Blades

If you want to produce a healthy golf course, it’s important to maintain your golf course equipment. When it comes to maintaining your green mower, this means making sure that it has sharp reel blades and bedknives.

Unfortunately, if the reel blades and bedknives are not sharp enough, you can damage the appearance of the turf as well as the long-term health of the grass. In fact, there are many issues that can arise if you use dull blades to cut the turf. Dull blades can create a ragged cut. Dull blades can also end up costing more horsepower to run the machine.

A high-quality cut can only be achieved with sharp cutting units. There are many benefits to keeping your reel blades and bedknives sharp order viagra online usa. As mentioned above, sharp tools ensure a high-quality after-cut appearance. They also encourage the growth of health turf. Finally, keeping your blades sharp is healthy for your mower. It keeps it running smoothly and extends its life.

How do you know if your cutting units are dull? There are many ways to tell if your reel blades and bedknives need sharpening. If the grass is cut unevenly, it’s time to sharpen your cutting units. It’s also time for sharpening the mower streaks if you hear a noise while cutting the turf.

To avoid these problems and promote a healthy turf, keep your blade cutting edges sharp. You should also replace bent or worn out blades, tighten loose blades, and check the balance of the blades each time before you use.

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