Everything You Need to Know About Construction Claims

Written by: Lyle Charles Consulting

Summary: Preparing a construction claim will help reduce the risk you face of monetary losses.

A construction claim can be complicated, and preparing incorrectly can cost you money. Claims are a normal part of the construction business. Personnel get hurt, supplies go missing or arrive late, and scheduling or budgeting can become a problem as you approach project deadlines. Good construction claim preparation will cover all your bases and help you determine what you need to prove your case.

Kinds of Claims

Several types of claims exist, so be sure you understand what you’re dealing with before you proceed. Poorly designed documents are cause for a claim, especially if those documents require multiple revisions. There are also claims related to any requests for information. General down time, which can be the result of poor scheduling, is also a common source of dispute. There are also claims that involve materials, and material shortages. Generally speaking, claims can arise from anything that results in a work stoppage or delay.

Preparing for a Claim

Hire a consultant to perform some construction claim analysis on your claim before moving forward. Make sure that you have proper documentation for your side of the story, and that you are prepared to move forward on new requests without delay. This will help stop claims from occurring in the first place, and

Professional claim analysts also handle investigating the cliam, which includes analysis designed to minimize the financial impact a claim might have on the bottom line of your business. Hiring a professional makes sense if you want to save money on the claim, and if you want the process expedited.

Bio: Lyle Charles is an expert in construction claim analysis, including investigating and reporting on construction claims and disputes.