Company Executives Fly Private, Not Commercial

Long lines, annoying passengers and even long commute times. Business men and women know all too well the hassles of flying commercial. Commercial flights are prone to long delays; subject its passengers to intense security screenings; and can cause mishaps in your business schedule. For company execs especially, flying from one part of the state to another can be a hassle, especially when traveling through a large airport. Executives handle the company’s bigger issues and execs need a reliable form of transportation to accommodate the demands of their job. Flying commercial just doesn’t cut it for an executive to perform his duties effectively with minimal interruptions.

Flying Commercial vs. Private

If you have ever flown commercial, you understand the headaches you will face. Private jets allow for more freedom and flexibility that normal commercial flights cannot provide. For instance, most commercial flights no longer provide food on flights, with the exception of flights lasting longer than six hours. Now think about that, you may pay as little as $200 to as much as $2,000 for a round trip and all you get is a free bag of peanuts and two, microwave meals. Not much of an in-flight dinner. With a private jet charter you have the freedom to order the meals you want, and get them specially prepared for you.

Food may not be a big issue, but the travel schedule is. Commercial flights require you to arrive at least 3 hours before so that you may pass through security, unload your bags and board the plane. When you fly private, you can skip the long security checkpoints, forget about the 3 hour wait time, and arrive when you want. Even if you must stay an additional day or two because of a meeting, you can do so. Private jets accommodate your needs and wait for you until you are ready to leave. Private jets offer flexibility that no commercial flight can mimic.

Commute times from your home to the airport may also be long. In addition to the 3 hour wait period to board a flight, you still have to travel to the airport to fly. With an executive jet charter, you have the freedom to tell your pilot to fly to a smaller airport closer to your home, cutting your commute time significantly. Smaller airports also make for less crowded atmosphere perfect for you to find parking and avoid large crowds of people.

Besides the flexibility, travel to smaller airports and food, private jets allow you to choose the size and amenities you find on board. You may like to work as you travel, so you may get a 14-passenger jet with built-in Wi-Fi and a work desk. If you want to enjoy your flight, you can relax, watch some television with a built-in satellite receiver, allowing you to watch movies or catch up on world events.

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