Alternative Ways to Transfer Money Globally

When family or friends are in need of money, you need a way to send them the cash they need fast. You also want to find a way to send money without costing you an arm and a leg. While there are several ways you can transfer money around the world, it’s important to research your options in order to find the best way to move funds without shelling out a lot of cash. Here’s a look at the many ways you can send money globally.

One way to send money around the world is through a bank wire. You can visit your bank and request to move money electronically to anywhere in the world. However, most bank wires charge for this service. How much? Up to $20 for each transaction.

Another way to send money globally is through your credit card company. Credit card companies can provide this service virtually; however, they, too, charge money for this service. Most credit card companies take a hefty percentage of every transaction.

Perhaps the best way to transfer funds globally is through an online global money transfer service, such as the one provided by Solid Trust Pay. Why? Sending money through a global money transfer service with Solid Trust Pay is first of all free of charge. It’s also fast and easy when you open a personal account. To learn more about their global money transfer service, please visit