Why you should get appliance financing

Article provided by Curacao

Home appliances are some of the most essential parts of a home, yet they are usually some of the most expensive purchases you’ll make while furnishing your home. This leaves families and homeowners on a budget in a tough spot. You can’t have a comfortable, functional home without a working refrigerator or washing machine, but these indispensable devices tend to costs hundreds to thousands of dollars. There has to be an easier, more affordable way to pay for the devices you need. This is where appliance financing comes in.

Retailers such as Curacao allow you to buy now, pay later with appliance financing options. In-house financing, rent-to-own financing, and appliance loans allow the buyers to finance products with lower, easier monthly payments instead of paying the full price all at once. Most retailers even offer 0% interest rates for appliance financing, though it’s usually a good idea to read the fine print on offers like this since some companies have different stipulations for keeping your interest rate at 0%. It’s also wise to consider how financing an appliance will affect your credit score. Your credit score will likely drop when you first start financing an appliance, though you can improve it by making your payments on time.

Fortunately, some retailers allow you to finance an appliance even if you have a low credit score. In-house financing through store credit cards is one appliance financing option that is known for being quite forgiving in regards to credit scores. Using an in-store credit card will even help you improve their credit score on your way to your next credit card.

This type of financing is Curacao’s specialty. Many of our customers have started and built up their credit score with us, while others have improved their low credit scores through Curacao Credit and can now qualify for the purchases they want. Our type of appliance financing is low-stress and hassle-free, as it is easy and convenient to apply for Curacao Credit. You’ll only have to submit one application that takes a few short minutes to fill out and you can be approved for appliance financing within seconds!

So if you’re looking for an easier, more economical way to get the home appliances you need that can also improve your credit score, don’t wait for a better time; sign up for Curacao Credit today!