Why Payless Water Heaters?

Payless Water Heaters & Plumbing Inc. is the #1 tankless water heater installer rated by Noritz in all of Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Ventura County. Payless is sure to take care of all your tankless water heater needs by providing around the clock service, installation on the weekends and nights without an extra fee, and same day installations, if you choose. Their friendly customer service representatives are extremely helpful when it comes to getting repair work on a broken or leaking heater, and their technicians are standing by at virtually any time to help you should there be any problems with your system. Our customer support center is amiable and willing to help, whether it is providing same day fix-it service on a broken heater or getting you a same day installation appointment for your new water heater.

Payless also provides the best warranty on their tankless water heaters. Because of their well trained staff and extensive knowledge of tankless water heaters, they are able to fix and repair, or at the least diagnose what happened to your heater, if anything should go awry. And with their timely arrival and great customer service, you can rest easy knowing that you have a quality tankless water heater in your home, and reliable service you can call at anytime with any questions or problems that come up.

Payless services all homes from Southern to Northern California, and has been ranked the #1 Certified Bradford White Water Heater Installers in California. From installing water heaters in San Jose to repairing tankless heaters in Ventura, clients rely on Payless for speedy, trustworthy, and helpful service for all their tankless water heater needs.