Why is Your AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

An AC not blowing cold air is one of the most common and pressing issues that homeowners experience. During hot summer months, this problem becomes even more serious, since a home that is too hot can lead to discomfort and in the worst cases, unmitigated heatstroke. If you’re wondering why your AC is not blowing cold air, there are a few common explanations that can be easily fixed by an experienced AC or HVAC technician.

One common explanation is an abundance of dirt and debris in important parts of your air conditioner, such as vents or air filters. If you don’t subject your air conditioners to regular cleaning and maintenance, there may be a robust collection of dirt in these essential components, necessitating thorough cleaning.

Another common explanation for a lack of cold air is a malfunction in a crucial component of the air conditioner. If your air conditioner’s refrigerant is leaking or low, it may lack the capability to cool the air in your home. Furthermore, if your thermostat is broken, your AC lacks the ability to judge if your house’s temperature is higher or lower than a specific setting. While dirt can be cleaned with common household tools, you will need some expert ac repair arcadia help if essential components are malfunctioning.

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