Using the Self-Checkout Machine Doesn’t Mean You Have to Skip Your Salad

Self-Checkout MachineArticle Written by  : Merchant Capital Inc

Lately, it seems when you go to buy some flowers or milk at the grocery store it’s starting to be a bigger and bigger advantage to know your way around a cash register. That’s because with so many self-checkout machines dispersed throughout the supermarket realm, it’s become way easier to bypass long lines at the regularly staffed checkout by handling the register yourself.

Of course, not very much time will be saved by skipping the wait of a long line if scanning and paying for items on your own becomes an ordeal in its own right. So, how clever have you been at the customer cash register? You’ve probably had to get a few assists from the single clerk overseeing the machines when the thing of steely circuitry informs you there’s an “unexpected item in the bagging area.” Terribly frustrating.

Some people deal by only paying for things at the self-service checkout they know are easy to scan. This usually is produce-prohibitive. But there’s no need to only buy cereals and other clearly barcoded dry-food items for which no counting or weighing is necessary. Learn to follow the standard operating procedures: put everything in the bagging area once you’ve scanned! Then, gradually move your way up to becoming a produce self-checkout expert. No need to say goodbye to salads.