The Three Parties in a Construction Project

The-Three-Parties-in-a-Construction-ProjectWhile it may not seem likely that one can fully avoid a construction claim from coming up during a project, there is a way that you can minimize the risks associated. Each member that is involved with the construction project’s direction must work in accordance with each other. Severed communication and independent thinking can lead to a long and drawn-out lawsuit.

All three of the players that are handling a construction project – architects, owners, and contractors – have to understand that there will be disagreements as well as problems that will come up along the way. When push comes to shove, a great idea can turn into a nightmare quickly.

Certain types of claims, such as construction delay claims, are simply unavoidable at times. Nobody can control the changing weather patterns, and there is bound to be an incident that will cause some form of delay.

Each member of the project has their own perspective on how the project is going to go. They also prepare for any legal proceedings that might occur during the span of the construction. This means that they are protecting their investments as well as their well-being. Nobody enjoys being in a contract dispute and when it comes down to a small thing such as a delay, involving the court will only cost more money in the long run, plus it wastes valuable time. Not only will the lawsuit draw out to the point where your money becomes used up, but hiring other personnel like a construction expert witness to help win the case will pile on your budget as well.

Bio: Lyle Charles, the head of Lyle Charles Consulting, is an expert witness in construction litigation as well as a construction advisor.