The Latest iPod and iPod Touch Devices

If you have not jumped on the latest round of iPod and iPod touch devices, it is not too late. Last fall Apple made new design and feature changes to both of these products, adding new enhancements and improvements that make these devices worth buying. Along with these devices are of course the accessories, including iPod cases and iPod touch cases for protection. With the technology advancements on both devices, you will want to ensure that they are kept safe. A quick breakdown of each device will help you decide if these updated products are still worth buying.

The latest iPod touch is considered to be one of the best portable game players out there, and will someday surpass Nintendo and Sony as the #1 game player on the market. It’s newest feature changes include voice-control for songs. This gives you the ability to change songs simply by using your voice. The HD camera now comes with video editing capabilities. This allows you to edit any videos that you create on your iPod touch. It also comes with the face time option that the iPhone 4 comes with. This lets you talk to your friends and family face to face as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. The new processor will also give you the ability to do more multi-tasking.

The iPod touch has also gone under some minor design changes as well. It is thinner and lighter and resembles the iPhone 4. This is a much smaller version than the previous. The new version comes with two small built in cameras. One is a VGA camera and the other is an HD video camera recorder. The touch display has also been given a big improvement, with an enhanced retina display.

The iPod Nano device has actually gone through a complete design makeover. Half the size of the last version it is now similar to the iPod shuffle, coming in at just .74 ounces. It has a built in clip for gripping, and comes in seven different aluminum colors. The biggest change is the loss of the spinning wheel. The new Nano has a touch display and only has two buttons for sleep/wake and volume.

The new iPod Nano comes with a memory capacity of 8Gb or 16Gb, an FM tuner that gives you access to various radio stations, and a new shake/shuffle feature to give you the option to change songs simply by shaking your iPod. Another great enhancement is the pedometer. The pedometer allows you to keep track of your exercise routine by counting your steps. You will also find a voice over feature, which keeps you up to date on what songs or artist is currently playing.

With last fall’s new enhancements and designs of the iPod and iPod touch, you may decide that one of these products is the right choice for you. As always they give you ways to play games, listen to music, and create videos all within just one small device.

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