Setting up a Cash Register

2There are several types of cash registers, these include electronic cash registers, the square based iPad registers and some are computer based registers. Each of these different types of register has its own set of features. Even so, they all share similarities when in operation. Here are the basics steps to follow when setting up your cash register:

  1. Setup your cash register on a clean, flat and hard surface that you will be registering sales from. This will generally be on a counter top facing your customers. Plug the register into the wall outlet directly. Do not use extension cords or adapters.
  2. In the event of power outage, cash registers have batteries to keep the short term memory running to complete the running transaction. The battery compartment is usually located under the receipt paper cover area. Check to ensure that batteries are installed. The batteries provided are rechargeable so make sure they are charged every year.
  3. Lift the cover from the receipt compartment. Take the paper roll, make sure it has a straight edge and feed it in. Make sure to feed the roll through so that it runs up through the front of the register to be torn off to hand over to customers.
  4. The till drawer has a lock for safety. A standard practice is to keep the key in the drawer so that it is easy to find when you need to lock the unit.