Order Lottery Tickets Online with Your Credit Card

Up until recently it was nearly impossible to get lottery tickets with a credit card. While laws vary by state, even if it is legal to purchase lottery tickets in your state with a credit card, the credit card company might not accept such a transaction. However, times are changing. Fox Business reports that some companies are now offering the opportunity for consumers to order lottery tickets online using their credit cards.

According to the article, websites that are providing this online service for people who might not have the option to pay with plastic in their area. Why the ban? According to the article, the reason for the cash-only rule is so that compulsive gamblers won’t have the opportunity to rack up thousands of dollars in debt. However, the reality is that not everyone is a compulsive gambler.

Credit cards are considered one of the most convenient payment methods. If you live in a state where it is prohibited to order lottery tickets, consider using a service that you can now use your credit card.

To order lotto online, you simply become a member. The company offers three membership programs, including a monthly and a year membership. Consumers can subscribe to play in every drawing or order a single ticket. However, the convenient part is that consumers no longer have to pay cash to order their lottery tickets. They can now pay with plastic using their credit card or a debit card.