Optical Networking Providers

The optic network product world is vast and always growing. Consistent advancements in the industry can make it tough to keep up with all the changes. When it comes time to purchase quality fiber optic interfaces and networking products you want to be especially careful about the distributor you choose. If this is a new technology to you, buying products from a highly experienced retailer will be vital. You will most likely have a number of technical questions and concerns that you need answered. Great prices, value and quality are all important aspects of a professional optic distributor. Extensive real world experience, along with excellent customer service should especially be your top priority when making your decision.

You will be able to distinguish a quality provider by the wide range of fiber optic, networking, and other related products that they sell. The bigger range of products the more likely they are to fully understand the industry, and merchandise they are selling. Product items to look for range from patch cords and optical transceivers, to fiber patch cables and media converters. You can also tell by the top manufacturers and vendors they use in their product line-up. Always buy from highly regarded manufacturers who lead the industry in this technology. Some of the names you should look for are Cisco, Dell, ALCATEL, D-Link, Finisar, Juniper, and Netgear. Most manufacturers that sell optical transceiver products are held by a Mult-Source agreement. This agreement ensures that the developments of these types of products are all held to a very specific standard.

The most complicated of these products are the optical transceiver modules. These pluggable optical transceiver modules transmit and receive signals and are grouped by supporting transmission speed rates. Most retailers will sell a full range of these modules including Cisco SFP transceivers, xenpak modules, GBIC modules, X2 modules and XFP modules.

While media converters and patch cords come pretty standard, fiber patch cables come in multimode, singlemode, and adaptors.

Before you make any purchase of these products, check with the retailers warranty and return policy. You want at least a 30-day money back, guarantee return policy on all optical products. Typically, if the product is unpacked or untouched you should be able to receive a full refund. Warranties on products that fail will vary but tend to be for up to 3 years. You want to know that you can get these products replaced, repaired or refunded at the original price you purchased them for.

The world of optical networking products continues to grow, and more and more retailers are jumping into the business. As the industry continues to develop with advancement in products, these retailers must keep up in not only stock supplies but in product knowledge. Doing some research on your own to understand each product and how they work will be extremely helpful. If you are more technically inclined, it will still be crucial to pick a distributor that has experience that you can trust.

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