My Credit Card and Me

It seems like the world runs on plastic doesn’t it? Everyone uses credit cards to pay for something, whether they need it or not. I wonder if there is enough money in the US to account for the debt riding on those plastic cards. I have had a credit card for most of my adult life, and like many people do not do a very good job managing the debt they incur on their credit card. A credit card was only to be used in an emergency in my house, or to buy something I knew I could pay off with one payment, thereby avoiding an interest charge. This worked fine for about two purchases and then we fell into the trap I think most do and that is buying small ticket items first. Then feeling confident about being able to keep up with this we went to bigger ticket items. My credit card did not take long to go from a manageable balance to a balance that made the monthly payments very high. I found a solution and was pleased since then. I switched over to a card that has a pre-paid balance on it. I found a company that has cards that you can fill and use without worrying about going over your limit or having a surprise bill come in the mail. My Green dot card is one card I will always use as it is easy to refill and in my case is a MasterCard. I finally paid off my credit card debt and just use my Green dot card, and I know my bills are so much easier to manage. No more surprises in the mail. Credit cards are a great thing to have for the things you need. Just remember it is your needs you should charge and not your wants.