Measuring for Replacement Foam Cushions

Written by the Foam Factory.

You know when it’s time to purchase new sofa seat cushions. When you start sinking into your couch and find it almost impossible to get out, there’s a good chance that the foam in your seats has become too worn down to be comfortable. Instead of getting a new couch, you can simply buy couch foam and have your sofa be comfortable again.

When you decide to purchase foam for seat cushions, it’s important to accurately measure how much foam you’ll need to fill the seat. For many people, they decide to solve this problem by measuring the size of the foam that is currently in their seat cushion. While this seems like a simple and effective solution, it’s actually far from the best way to measure your foam. It often leads to wildly inaccurate measurements and frustration when it’s time to replace the foam.

The reason for this is simple: you are replacing the foam because it has been compressed, so its measurements have also shrunk. The last thing you want to do is get a replacement piece of foam that is the same size as the piece that is no longer comfortable.

The best way to determine the size of foam that you’ll need to is measure the cushion cover itself. Lay it on the floor flat and turn the cover inside out so that you see the stitches. You can measure the cushion cover from seam to seam to get an accurate idea of how much foam you’ll need. Measuring this way ensures that you’ll have enough foam to fill the cushion but that it won’t be overstuffed.

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