Maintaining a Perfect Putting Green with Reel Mowers and Effective Sprays

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A golf course mower is often times overlooked, but they probably have the most important job when it comes to golf. They keep the putting green tightly maintained and makes sure that playing golf on it will be pleasurable and satisfying. There are a couple of things you need to maintain a perfect green land perfect for golf. You need a good chemical sprayer, a reliable lawn mower and chemicals to treat the grass and keep it looking fresh and perfect.

A turf sprayer is what professional landscapers use to make sure that the grass stays green and fresh all year round. These sprayers are used to handle chemicals used in landscaping and usually have up to 3 tanks which contain the pesticides and other chemicals used to treat a golf course. It is designed to last long and easy to use. Most of the brands available in the market have a 3 year warrantee.

A reel mower is a manual lawn mower used by landscape artists to make sure that every unruly grass is taken cared of. This is what is used commonly in homes with lawns that are not big enough for a tractor like lawn mower. Some landscape artists still prefer to use reel mowers because they manual and therefore more dependable. It is impossible to miss a spot when using a manual lawn mower. Some reel mowers have a motor that makes cutting grass less tedious, but despite the motor, it is still a push lawn mower which means it still needs to be pushed. The traditional reel mower that does not have a motor relies on the pusher’s strength, the more powerful the push the more efficiently the grass is cut.