Interior Design: Wall Decorations

Rule number one of home decoration: confidence. Confidence says you’re not afraid to mix and match colors, and you’re willing to take a risk on odd furniture most people would normally be too afraid to buy. Even decorating something as simple as a wall requires confidence.

All wall decorations are set at eye level to allow a person the chance to spot them quickly. These items can be as small as a mirror to as large as a portrait. Whether small or large, not all decorations are designed to coordinate alongside other items. It is up to the person decorating to determine whether the item will function as intended. If you’re feeling a bit scared of how to decorate your home, here are some confidence boosting tips to help you along.


Art comes in a variety of different forms from small sculptures, portraits to even ornaments. Art should be hung in such a way that guests can locate the item instantly. Do not place the item too high or too low, as this will create an awkward, un-centered image. Each piece of art will determine where exactly to place it once inside the room.

Art serves as a centerpiece for any wall. The art attracts attention, and often times, you can find complementing objects, such as wall mirrors to draw attention to the artwork. Items that do not complement the art should not be placed near it, such as a family portrait or an ornament.


Pictures are great decoration items that add character to a wall. Small family photos, personal achievements or pictures of nature give the room color and character. However, too much color for any wall can be a bad thing, and too many photos can ruin a wall entirely. Spread your family photos out so they are not so close together. What you don’t want are too many frames on one wall. Too many photos near one another make it hard to focus on just one. You want to spread the color across the room, allowing each photo a set location to draw a guest’s attention.


As with pictures and artwork, mirrors also function as wall decorations that can add style to the room. Whether you decide to hang square or round wall mirrors, each class of mirror will add creativity and style to the room. Before you hang anything, you’ll want to look at the size of the room and the space you are willing to commit to a mirror. Some mirrors maybe too big for the room, or you may have other items on the wall that can detract from the decoration of the mirror. You want to commit an entire wall to one mirror if it’s large enough. If you plan on hanging a small mirror, you can often get away with hanging multiple items on the wall; however, just be careful to not cluster the mirror around with other ornaments.

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