Injuries That Occur On The Playground

For years, the playground of a school, park, or community center has been a haven for children of all ages. It is the place where they can get outdoors, get some exercise, socialize with other children, and have fun. Playground equipment today is safer than ever before. With advanced technology it is made in materials that are designed to keep your kids safe. Unfortunately, playground equipment and playing is not foolproof. Accidents can happen and sometimes it is the adults that are at fault. A playground is a place where serious injuries can take place if you are not overly cautious.

Every year thousands of children are injured on playgrounds. Some minor, and occasionally some are even very serious. There are a number of reasons that this can happen. The first is that kids are just kids. Which means no matter how much you reprimand them they will still roughhouse and break the rules. It is also common in some parks to see older, faulty equipment that is not maintained on a regular basis. This is also a cause of many accidents. There is really only one way that you can prevent accidents, and that is with adequate adult supervision.

With adequate adult supervision, you may be able to prevent some of these accident from happening. It is important that adults closely supervise their own children at outdoor playground sets so that you are certain they are following the rules. A school playground should always have teachers or supervisors on site during recess and after-school hours. With close supervision, you will be able to enforce rules and reprimand children that are not following them. You can easily watch out for things like roughhousing on or near equipment, or keeping older children away from the younger ones. Young children lack the understanding to keep themselves safe from rougher older kids.

If you are supervising the schoolyard, or your own child at the neighborhood park, be prepared for injuries. Parents should always have a first-aid kit handy, and understand the basics of first-aid. Many times, you will simply see cuts, bruises, and scrapes, which are easy to handle. Other times, you may see something more serious like concussions, broken arms or legs, and even dislocations. If there is an accident under your supervision that is serious, you should always call 911 immediately.

The playground is a wonderful place for your child to get some exercise and have fun. It can always be a wonderful way for them to learn motor and social skills. Just remember the number one priority is that they are always safe.

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