How Should You Furnish Your Remote Work Office?

In the wake of new questions that have arisen during the growth of remote work’s popularity, there is one question that many newly-minted work-at-home employees may not have considered: How should your home office look? Many may dismiss this question as pointless chatter, but this question has more merit than people know.

Lucy Lyle, who founded the company Perch, is someone who understands the surprising effects of aesthetically-pleasing furnishings in an office setting. “Studies have shown that workplaces with — both beautiful tools and furniture, and with items that reflect one’s personal identity — make us more productive. Your surroundings affect the way you feel at work,” Lucy Lyle explained. “If this is true at traditional, office-based workplaces, it is doubly true when you’re working from home and you have complete control over what your workplace looks like.”

It can be freeing to know that you are completely in control of With this in mind, both beauty and organization should be guiding principles for home offices. Choose sleek, aesthetically pleasing designs that are not too flashy to be distracting. Also, make sure your furniture makes it easy to access all the materials you need for work. You may also want to think twice about placing your TV where you can easily see it.

“When you’re working from home, don’t tempt yourself to lose hours and focus by doing things like loading the dishwasher. That is not work.,” Lucy Lyle advised. “As you look for the most beautiful furniture pieces, make sure they ultimately add to your organization as you pursue your ultimate goal of increasing your workplace productivity.”