From Cosplay to Broadway: Making Costume Jewelry with Foam

From-Cospla-to-BroadwayFor many arts and crafts enthusiasts, foam may seem like the realm of the DIY furniture freak; however, that’s not the case. Foam can be used for a wide variety of arts and crafts, such as making costume jewelry for plays and events. Everything from foam scraps to specially-cut custom foam cushions and sheets can be used to create beautiful, durable art.

Simple Props

Costume jewelry and accessories can be incredibly fun to make for your own films, plays, and cosplay photoshoots. You can roll, squish, cut, or shape blocks of foam by hand for light-weight and durable props. Remay-backed foam has a quilted or cushioned feel and provides a flat surface that is easier to decorate and paint. Because foam is inert, there is no need to worry about shrinking, swelling, or settling that can cause damage the integrity of a prop over long storage periods. This means children’s arts and crafts projects can be cherished for years without looking worse for the wear.

Advanced Props

For artisans who use foam in visual storytelling, or who do professional cosplay at industry events, foam is indispensible. For intricate or complex props, custom cushion shaping can be done professionally using industrial foam-cutting for the finest level of precision and quality. Professional costumes and props must endure intense periods of exertion, movement, for days, or weeks, at a time. Dryfast foam resists retaining water, so sweat will not corrode the prop or irritate the performers’ skin. It also boasts antimicrobial properties which can help reduce bad odors.

Bio: Carlo Badalamenti is the marketing manager for the Foam Factory, Inc., which manufactures custom-cut, sheet-cut, and pre-cut foam and rubber to meet a variety of needs from healthcare to acoustic dampening. Learn more at