Easy Guide for Replacing Cushions on a Budget

cushionsWritten by The Foam Factory


Cushions are used everywhere around the house and even outdoors. These are used in the living room, in the dining room and piled on outdoor furniture. Years of use take their toll on cushions of any type. Soon you start to notice that cushions are no longer providing adequate support and become flat. With age even the cushions covers being to discolor and fade.


An easy and budget-friendly solution to getting new cushions would be to make it a DIY project. Buying your own materials and making the cushions yourself is very cost-effective. It is also quite gratifying to be able to make each cushion around the house. Another advantage of this is the possibility of controlling the quality of the materials.


Carlo Badalamenti says that while carrying out a foam replacement project, the properties of the foam used would depend on the use of the cushion. For instance, living room cushions would need to have a high density foam to be able to provide good support, especially if your family tends to spend a lot of time in the living room. For outdoor furniture, the foam would need to be fast-drying with an open-cell structure. Most foam companies offer the possibility of buying custom-cut foams, making it easy to carry out such projects.


The Foam Factory provides foam solutions for various projects including replacement cushions.