Creating an Organized Environment for Retail Customers

How you utilize retail display s to show off your clothing is heavily important to the success of your retail business. Customers could either be attracted to enter your store from the outside or repelled depending on how you display your items. The organization and design of your store says a lot about what you represent as a business.

The front display should be just as important as how you organize the interior of your store. Packing a lot of mannequins and items in your display looks chaotic and off putting. Customers like to have a focal point while looking at a front display. If there is too much to look at, you may find your customers walking away. Remember that less is more when designing a front display for your store. Find a piece of clothing or accessory that you want to feature for this season. Visually lead your customers’ eyes back to that focal point in your display in a circular pattern. This gives your customers’ eyes a rest.

Once you have convinced your customers to enter your store with a frontal display, you need to focus on the interior organization of your items. A congested collection of racks and shelves does not properly display your clothing. Using mannequins inside your store as focal points allows customers to categorize which parts of your store offer what kind of items. Department stores often organize their stores by brand. In these stores, customers can sweep their eyes across the floor and find a certain brand or style they like based on what is available on a raised display.

Be sure you purchase the right kind of racks for the volume of clothing that must be displayed. Circular racks are designed to hold a great amount of clothing, while making it easy for customers to browse through and find something they like. Clothing packed too tightly to look through without taking it off the rack is a frustrating experience for shoppers. If you find you have more items to sell on a regular basis than the racks on your floor can accommodate, consider installing gridwalls and slatwalls to make use of your vertical space. Displaying clothing on your walls that you can take down with a simple hooked pole gives your customers more space to walk around.

Use display cases for all valuable jewelry. Many instances of theft can be prevented if valuables are locked away in a glass case. Customers can try on jewelry with the help of an employee.


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