Can COVID-19 live on your furniture cushions?

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

There has been much uncertainty and changing information about the particulars of COVID-19 as the global reaction to the coronavirus has evolved. It can be easy to get lost in the steady stream of facts, so it’s important to focus on the most practical bits of information you can use to safeguard your health and your family’s well being. One of the practical questions many have asked is, “How long can the coronavirus last on certain surfaces?”

In your house, some surfaces are touched and used often, such as refrigerator and door handles, as well as furniture cushions. It’s important to know how often these surfaces need to be disinfected so that you can keep them free from germs and viruses.

Studies have shown that the coronavirus can stay on surfaces for days and that it can last longer on certain surfaces over others. Recent research suggests that the virus stays longer on harder surfaces such as wood and metal as opposed to softer surfaces such as food. WebMD states that there has not been much research on how long the virus can remain on a fabric, but doctors believe it does not last very long.

This might imply that you won’t need to disinfect your furniture cushions as much as your wood tables, but we must be vigilant and proactive during these times. You should still clean and disinfect your furniture cushions regularly and when they have become worn out from years of use, you should look for replacement cushions that are cleaner and more comfortable.

Wicker Furniture is available to provide replacement cushions, along with all your other furniture needs during this crisis. Be sure to order online or set up an appointment, and don’t forget to disinfect all of your new furniture.